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Friday, 3 June 2011


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I. Based on the movie RELEASE

1. CAM Or CAMRip
Is the quality of the video that comes from the videos / movies being played dibioskop, for the picture quality is very poor compared to most DVDRip, DVDScr and R5 but could be of good quality if the recorder when the cinema put his camera and tripod in the right place and not disturbed by Other things such as last-thatch dibioskop people and others. For the sound quality depends on the distance of the recording if the sound source is close to or far from the sound source, the effect was when the recorders close to the clarity of the sound source will sound better and when the recorder away from the sound source results are opposite. Not only was the quality of the camera when taking pictures is very influential on the outcome. 

2. Telesync (TS)
Just as the quality of CAM comes from cinema recording only when the recorder is put instrument recording an audio recording close to the source of the voice vote which then merged with the video recordings using a software video editor so that the resulting sound quality of these video types it can be said quite better than CAM qualities above, and to image quality is tantamount to the quality of CAM depends on the placement of cameras at the time of recording.

Is the process of video recording using a tool to copy movies from a projector to the format of a digital or so-called Telecine equipment. For audio and video quality is pretty good.

Workprint (WP)
This video is usually made ​​from the film version that have not finished aka half cooked .. Usually this type of loss effect2 movie, without text, msh is "time index marker", sometimes there is a watermark, etc.. Usually this version out if the film is a film that dinanti2 alias prospective box office so that people wrote so intent to spread / distribute half-baked version for those guns off curious hehehe ...The most excited first film Man In Black II (MIIB) which version of his WP alien2 circulated with all his guns there, because blom pake finished in a computer-rendered .. bingung2 tuh yg dah watch ..!

5. Screener ( SCR )
SCR is a pre-release a movie that is usually recorded in a format Kaser VHS distributed by the filmmakers to toko2 rental, media , television for promotional purposes. Its main characteristic is ditengah2 film runs like there's text (ticker) that contain the words ata promotional information about the film tsb. Sometimes it just appears bbrp seconds but there also appear throughout the film. At least if his writings gede2 gan Rese ... hahaha

6. DVDscr / DVDscreener / BDscr Similarly SCR gan same charge is usually in the format ofDVD . If its good ripper usually writings can be eliminated .. This type is usually distributed in the form SVCD (dijualin plowman) or DivX / XviD (in tempat2 donlot movie). Well if it is rarely encountered BDscr .. This version of the bluray it.

7. VHSRip
Is the result of copyan of VHS tapes that have been released officially. Nowadays already rare but most of this type is the exercise video, recorded TV.

8. DVDRip
This is the result of DVD copyan who have been released officially. These qualities match the original DVD region where the usual information and copy protection has been disabled by the ripper so DVDRip is easy to distribute. This type is usually distributed in the form SVCD & DVD (dijualin plowman) or DivX / XviD (in tempat2 donlot movie).

9. TVRip: TVRip (analog)
This is a movie recorded from TV using recording devices such as VHS recorders, Betacam or DVR. So capturenya source of connection coaxial / composite / s-video port. That loh red wire, yellow, white like behind the TV / VCD / DVD Player agan. If the s-video cable single black shape in which the respective port pin her a lot.
Type of movie is very varied .. began dr real films, documentaries, tv shows, music concerts, video clips, etc .. If the ripper her lazy type, all of them share the same iklan2 recorded ..

10. HDTV / HD.TVrip
Usually the film is broadcast TV episodes which usually digitally recorded from TV broadcasting network cable / digital TV / Satellite TV. Ciri2 film is usually a flicker on the film and some parts contain artifacts (It VCD kayak loh which then crashed kotak2 picture ..). Because broadcast over Cable TV, there is usually an extra tayangan2 who are not on TV edition usual. Such as, behind the screen, comments, etc .. TVRip usually diencoding a fullscreen resolution of 512Ã-384

11. DSR / DSRip ( Digital Satellite ) / STV

PDTV (Pure Digital) is a TVRip recorded using a digital TV PCI card (using a computer-nge gan his capture.) The result is the best compared to other TVRip. PDTV usually diencoding into fullscreen resolution 512Ã-640Ã-384 and 352 for the widescreen.

HRHDTV / HR.HDTV (High Resolution High Definition) is a movie recorded from TV broadcasts High Defenition. But there are some misperceptions about this terminology. Some call it Half-Resolution High-Definition. This is because the resolution HRHD only 3 / 4 height and width in the original resolution downsampling to 720p resolution. So that is widely resolution, image HRHD only 56.25% of the HD broadcasts that usually. HR.HDTV usually diencoding a 640Ã-352 resolution (360p) and 960Ã-528 (540p).

13. 720p HDTV720p HDTV (High Definition - 1280 × 720 resolution) is a film that has Defenition aka High resolution 1280 × 720 (720p). Usually packed in Blu-Ray Disc format.

14. DDC
DDC = Digital Distribution Copy a movie version taken from such movies pendonlotan situs2 Netflix. The film is the film's official / legal and distributed via the Internet.

15. PPV / VOD
PPV = Pay Per View and VOD = Video-On-Demand are movies recorded using digital recording equipment that the source is drawn from a special channel where to watch it should be paid.Usually this is on a paid broadcast Hotel2 star, film clubs, special organisasi2 (seminars / workshops), cable TV, etc ..

16. DivX Re-enc
DivX re-enc is a film taken from the VCD / DVD the original and the re-encoded into a smaller file type DivX. This type is much gained in hosting the file-sharing (rapid * share, hotfile, mediafire, indowebster, etc ..) and the torrent. The quality of this film pas-pas's and a lot of interest because the file size small.

17. R5
R5 released DVD special meaning for the region 5 (area of ​​the former Soviet Union, India, Africa, North Korea and Mongolia). The fundamental difference adlh R5 dg regular version that this version is produced with the direct transfer telecine / TC without any image processing / rendering / encoding.
Since there is no special standard for pirated R5 usually is labeled with a pirated version telecines (TC), DVD Screeners (DVDscr), or even dvdrips. some pe-bootleg release of this version as DREAMLiGHT, MVS & pukka release label them with the file extension ". R5".
18. Unrated
Unrated version = the version you couldn't-see at the theater.
That is, a scene or scenes that may ditayangin dibioskop ga can you see on the dvd, such as scenes of nudity, strong sexual, strong violence, etc.. To porn or not relative. To film2 like American Pie ya emang it so almost all porn-pornoan. But for movies like The Hills Have Eyes contents become more sadistic than the cinema version / rated. Even if I still like looking for the Unrated version, because more complete without cutting so even like watching Extended Versionnya.

II. Based on the movie FORMAT

1. Magnetic Tape / Cassette: VHS
VHS = Video Home System is the best selling movie format and most durable tape for the class (using magnetic tape) gan .. The presence of the Betamax format with a smaller version of the tape could not dampen his popularity until then he had run over by the presence of digitizing video in the format of compact discs (Compact Disc). VHS tape of his that can tangle, ribbon can be moldy, watching it should be sequential, it takes special equipment and expensive for the editing process must eventually succumb to age and will soon be extinct .. Oh yes, this VHS gan ... there are 2 types namely 352 × 240 pixel resolution (NTSC) and 352 × 288 (PAL / SECAM).Use this format was first called the movie could be distributed to home-home. If living in the 90's is certainly dong dong and often rental VHS tapes that the color red and the blue VHS? Yes ... this is where the origins of the term for blue film bokep / XXX due to cassette VHS fimnya is colored blue.

VCD = Video Compact Disc is one of the most spectacular discoveries in the field of media gan ..after the era of the band survived long enough, the presence of compact discs (CDs) began a new era in the world of digitalization of the media. VCD MPEG1-based compression format with a constant bitrate (1150kbit) on VHS with the same resolution that is 352 × 240 pixels (NTSC) and 352 × 288 (PAL / SECAM) because of the present invention is intended to match the video quality of VHS. However, because the quality is not very good compression, image quality VCDs can be spelled bad. If the VHS picture can be a noise disturbance or stripping due to damage to the tape, then the interference of artifact VCD (images and pictures of his crash boxes.)Varian VCD format ie there are 4 more gan-i Digital Video CD, XVCD (eXtended Video CD), KVCD (K Video Compression Dynamics) and DVCD (Double VCD). unit of measure in the era of the VCD are familiar with time (minutes) rather than capacity (MB).

SVCD = Super Video Compact Disc is a development of an embryo of VCDs and DVDs birth. If using a codec VCD SVCD MPEG1 then use the MPEG2 codec which allows increasing the bitrate up to 2500kbits and a resolution of 480 × 480 (NTSC) which is then compressed into a 4:3 aspect ratio when played (play). Because the bitrate is variable, then the duration of minutes on a single CD can not match. Can 35 s/d60 minutes. Which are variable bitrate is what allows improvement in image quality. Where if it bitratenya scene details will be high and vice versa. A trivial analogy, if the scene is a picture of the room, would contain a higher bitrate (for details of his many) than when the scene just highlight the white walls for example. Varian SVCD format is CVD (China Video Disc), XSVCD (eXtended Super VCD), RSVCD (Roba SVCD) and MVCD (VCD Mole).

4. DivX / XviD
= Digital Video Express DivX and XviD are the most common format used for encoding and distribution to the current movie. This format is most popular because mimiliki excellent compression capability without much loss of image quality.DivX is the first and most popular version until later DivX, Inc.. (Formerly DivXNetworks, Inc..) Decides to commercialize this codec then people switch to the version of XviD (match) is not just open source but also has the advantage compared to DivX.
There are 2 types of DivX codec: MPEG-4 Part 2 (DivX codec standard) and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Plus HD DivX codec).
In the era of the emergence, DivX and XviD can only be played on computers and need the DivX Player application. But now it's been almost any player can play this format even portable DVD on the market even though the distribution of this format is mostly done on the internet (not on CD)

5. x264
As described earlier gan, the x264 is one of a kind codec DivX / Xvid to her video encoding to form H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding) stream.

DVD = Digital Versatile Disc / Digital Video Disc is an improvement from the previous CD media.This form is popular because it uses all the MPEG2 codec capability in order to obtain the video-audio quality of the maximum. Magnitude more than 6X DVD capacity higher than CD media (VCD, SVCD), which is equal to 4.7 GB. Later also found the writing system DVD dual layer (DL) to enable increased data storage 2X fold to 8.5 GB per chip.DVD-R (minus) and DVD + R (plus) is a matter of standard war. That is the standard of DVD-DVD Consortium, while DVD + is the standard of ISO. Once consumers had time to be bothered by this but later released all vendors compact DVD Drive (DVD reader) that can read both.
Oh yea .. gan at the beginning of its appearance, this DVD version is divided into several regions due to matters of copyright / DRM (Digital Right Management). There is a region of 0 to 8. Just on the market is the region of 1 to 6. To know which areas aja covering each region can be in check here
MiniDVD itself is a tiny version of the DVD where the capacity is only 1.4 GB per chip for the Single Layer (SL) and 2.8 GB for Dual Layer (DL). Movie fans do not like this format because of its capacity is small but this format usually used by amateur videographer / handycam users.
DVD-RAM = DVDâ € "Random Access Memory is the new standard issued by the DVD Forum, where he has a system of built-in error control, defect management and access system that is almost like a Hard Disk. Its main strength is in age. Because the physical stored neatly distinguished, and there is an error control he is expected to save data about 30 years. And this is the cause of this format is preferred for the storage of archival / data compared to film distribution.

7. Bluray
Bluray = BD / Blu-ray = Blue-Violet Laser is an increase in optical disc before the DVD. Due to the extremely large capacity (25GB per layer and can be written to 2 layers), it is often used as a storage medium for High Defenition Video, of course, in addition to data storage and tape PlayStation / PS3. Unlike the DVD media is illuminated with Red Laser with 650nanometer wavelength, the blue-violet laser using a wavelength of 405 nanometers, so it is possible to write / burn data more tightly. This makes the BluRay Disk theoretically able to accommodate up to 100GB / layer at a later date.
The following comparison of resolution digital video format:
* 352p-288/240 (250 lines at a low-definition): Video CD (PAL / NTSC)
* 720p-576/480 (500 lines): DVD, MiniDV, Digital8 (PAL / NTSC)
* 720p-576/480 (380 lines): Widescreen DVD (PAL / NTSC)
* 1280p-720 (680 lines): Blu-ray, D-VHS
* 1440p-1080 (760 lines): miniHDV, D-VHS
* 1920p-1080 (1020 lines): Blu-ray
Obviously it bluray can accommodate high definition video ..


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